Resurrection of the Biscuit

It’s never easy starting a new blog, trying to find something catchy and edgy to say to draw readers in. It’s never easy thinking of an imaginative blog name either as all the good ones were taken years ago. So, why Resurrection of the Biscuit?

Well, living with chronic, long-term ill-health often makes me feel like I am a biscuit that’s been dunked in tea for a little too long: you know, at that point when the crunch has gone and the biscuit is about to drop off into a soggy lump at the bottom of the cup. Whilst all is not lost at this point, it takes a lot of effort to keep the biscuit intact and palatable…

And this is how my life feels: like I am constantly trying to prevent soggy biscuit syndrome and find new ways to live well despite dealing with an increasingly dysfunctional and unruly body. My life feels like one, very long, hospital appointment as I have new problems investigated and I find new ways of managing my condition.

Of course, change is a constant in life and we all have to face it whether we want to or not but there are days when I feel consumed by the battle of trying to cling on to a normal life but I have neither the energy nor the physical capability to do anything about it. At the same time, in truth, I have no idea what a normal life actually is, so I’m seemingly striving for a goal that means nothing to me! I’m not normal, never have been, never will be: I’m just me.

Despite feeling delicate and fragile, I, like so many living with chronic, long-term illness or disability, manage to find ways of bringing light and humour into my life. I love to write and although I’ve never actively written openly about illness, it felt like time to let this side of my life out into the daylight.

Resurrection of the Biscuit may not be the easiest to type when dealing with brain fog, fatigue and pain, but I like it so I’m sticking with it!

This blog is a reflection of my own journey in life. I must offer apologies for the odd coarse word and apologies for my relaxed style of writing. At the same time, my brain fog often causes word and sentence jumbles, so apologies for that too.

However, this will be the only time I will apologise for any of this so if you’re easily offended or a stickler for really good grammar then please substitute fluffy bunnies or marshmallows for the coarse words and switch off the grammar police as I have no plans to change either.

As for the jumble of words, I don’t know I’m doing this as it’s a part of my condition so please try to live with it and welcome to my world!

smiling defiantly in the face of pain and disability